Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spousal Gauntlet, Lenten Challenge

Last night, it being Ash Wednesday, we were discussing taking things up for lent when my wife suggested I should write a poem a day for the season. It's an insane idea, especially given the very impending birth of our baby, but I didn't dismiss it. Nor did I cave. More the fool me, you might say: when I produced a draft of a poem later that evening she said, "Is that your first poem for lent?"

Who knows: it might pay off! I mean, if I were to get a few real poems out of it, that would certainly be a bonus. Anyone up for joining me in the madness? You get Sunday off (it being the Sabbath and all that), but I've yet to ask the invigilator whether I do.

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Dave Troupes said...

Makes me think of Paul Muldoon's "Prince of the Quotidian" and WCW's "Descent of Winter" & "Kora In Hell: Improvisations" -- very uneven efforts which nonetheless produce some wonderful moments.

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