Monday, June 30, 2008

The Price of Pomegranates

Why would anyone pay £1.50 for a pomegranate? I like them and all that, but £1.50 for a single piece of fruit? Oh yes, silly me: they're superfoods, a class of comestible scientifically proven to make the marketing managers salivate three times as fast.* We got two for 35p apiece from the reduced-to-clear basket the other day. I mean, if they can flog 'em off for that, what's the original mark-up?

*Did you like that null comparative? Sarcasm's miles better.

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JackiesMagic said...

I paid 3 USD for one that's about 11cm today! You can read about my personal discovery of the pomegranate at my blogspot post: That day I paid 99cents each for 3 - that were half the size of what I got today! I find that I lovoe them in such a primal way. I'm hoping that'll wear off soon. I spoke on the phone w/my mother a couple of hours ago and she told me that we used to eat them as kids. I don't remember ever eating them. Anyway.. I figured I'd check online to see what anyone else thinks of the price, or if I an buy them by the case for less!

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