Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Did I mention it has my name on it" revisited

The jacket for The Ambulance Box has been revised, so I've replaced the photo in the post below with the new version. Also, the PDF sample is now available.


Alex said...

Just seen the TOC - it has all the Rilke stuff AND Emmaus AND wandelvakanties...and more!!

W00t!!!! (as they say on the internets)

PS: Wil Verkerk of "it was on a day just as this", just celebrated her 81st birthday - I can't wait to present her with a copy of The Box.

alex said...

Aw shucks.. no panther...

Andrew Philip said...

Yes, we have no Panther. To explain, I'm not comfortable with certain lines in my translation anymore and didn't feel it fitted into the book so well. It might appear in a revised form at some later stage, but it is available in the anthology "The Smoky Smirr o Rain".

And what is the world coming to when you start posting links to cute videos of kittens?! (I've got to send this to one of my Parliament colleagues; she'll love it.)

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