Tuesday, January 27, 2009

West Lothian Writes

The West Lothian Writes event at Bathgate's Regal Theatre a week past Friday was a really good evening, very ably compered by Ellie Stewart. There was a mix of poetry, prose and even film script (!), with several really good pieces of writing and several strong performances, as well as one or two that weren't perhaps exactly to my taste. Certainly, there was nobody there who seemed to be under the impression they were delivering a masterpiece when they weren't!

One set that particularly stood out for me was the children's poetry from John Wilkinson (not, I hasten to add, to be confused with the John Wilkinson published by Salt). He was very self-depricating about it being silly rhymes, but they were extremely well-written, vibrant, imaginative silly rhymes. Not at all easy to do well. There's no doubt the man's a real writer.

West Lothian Writers plans to run such events three or four times a year, and I'll certainly be going back to them.

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