Thursday, June 18, 2009

thePROJECT2: In the Flesh

I'll be busy on Saturday: besides the Word Power reading (see the post below), I'll be popping up along with Rob A Mackenzie at the thePROJECT2. Twice, in fact: 2 pm at the Lot and 7:30 pm at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar. Booking information here. It's a varied and interesting programme.

thePROJECT is an exploration of the arts from a Christian perspective. Or of faith from an artistic perspective. Or of life, from a third perspective I can't think up. The universe and everything are probably in there too. Anyway, as part of the journey towards a larger festival in 2011, thePROJECT is putting on a series of small, more organic events this year and next, starting with a half-day festival that doesn't seem that small scale on Saturday. More information here.

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