Monday, November 06, 2006

The Last to Know, But Hey!

I've only just discovered that "A Rough Guide to Monday Morning", the first piece in Tonguefire, was poem of the week in Saturday's Scotsman. If I'd known on Saturday I'd have bought the paper!
Irritatingly, they have the title slightly wrong. I wonder whether that was a sub trying to shoehorn it into a preconceived notion of what fits the weekend.


Andrew Philip said...

Just acquired a copy of the print edition: the title is correct. Heaven knows what they're playing at in the online edition. They don't have the excuse of space there.

Diarmid said...

In what way did they get the title wrong? Please tell me they put "A Rouge Guide to Monday Morning".

Andrew Philip said...

Nothing so flamboyant, Diarmid: they called it "A Rough Guide to the Morning".

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