Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Troubadour Poems: Helena Nelson

The final poem in the pre-Troubadour series is by Helena Nelson, founder and editor of HappenStance press. It is very much in the spirit of her wonderfully quirky and deliciously, irreverantly playful pamphlet Unsuitable Poems.


I was like Read this poem
He was like You must be joking
I was like Pleeeease
He was like Fancy a drink?

I was like Get lost
He was like I really like you
I was like Read this poem then
He was like Do I have to?

I was like Yes
He was like Omigod she means it
I was like Shutupandreadit
He was like Gimme the poem


I was like Did you like it?
He was like What was that about?
I was like What did you think?
He was like It was like, like…

I was like That’s the point
He was shocked, like.


Jim Murdoch said...

I liked this one a lot. What I like is that it addresses the reader, the reader who doesn't confront poetry every day, and it does it in a style anyone could get. Very good.

Rachel Fox said...

It is good...especially if you read in your head in a geordie accent, like.
I have 'Unsuitable Poems' (very good it is too) and this poem isn't in it. Maybe there was a second edition...?

Andrew Philip said...

Whoops! Rachel, you're absolutely right. No 2nd edition, just my carelessness. Will have to rectify that.

Rob said...

I bet you Helena assumed it was in the chapbook too. It's the kind of poems that would have been 'suitable' for it!

I'm sure I've read it before in something, but it's not in Starlight on Water either. Maybe I've just heard her read it.

Andrew Philip said...

Same here, Rob, which is probably part of the reason I just assumed it was in the pamphlet.

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