Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Charity Case

I've often thought that I would have arrived a little more as a writer if my publications were to pop up in a second-hand bookshop or a charity shop. Not that it wouldn't be a double-edged feeling, but I always assumed I'd take pleasure in it, knowing how many books I've found in such outlets. Well, yesterday, I had the chance to test that out when my Gaelic tutor told me he'd picked up a copy of Tonguefire in a charity shop. Apparently, it was in the window with several other small poetry collections. Now that does please me. It pleases me even more that somebody who appreciates it bought it, but I can't help but wonder who got rid of it and why ...

While we're on the subject, it seems an opportune moment to mention that HappenStance is soon to go to press with a new pamphlet of my work, in time for the reading at the Troubadour towards the end of this month. It's the first in a new series of single-poet samplers: not full-blown chapbooks but 10 or so pages of poems with slightly more substantial biographical information on the back. The print run is 150 copies, but it's not a limited edition in the official sense. My sampler will reprint "Tonguefire Night" with some slight revisions from the version published in Tonguefire alongside six newer poems. It's a tight little selection, if I do say so myself, and I'm looking forward to launching it in London.


Adam A said...

Well it wasn't me! Still have both my copies, and still have a postcard of "Cardiac" up at my desk to help me maintain my perspective when I'm studying my medical books.

Any chance of a cheeky preview of the new collection? And when are you hoping to read?

Andrew Philip said...

Well I'll certainly give a contents list:

Tonguefire Night
Dream Family Holiday

I've no Edinburgh readings lined up until February next year at the moment. I might just pop in to an open mike at some point, though.

Andrew Philip said...

Oh, I should say keep your eyes on this blog for news of any upcoming readings. They're always trailed in posts and in the sidebar. Next reading is the London one on 26th May.

Matt Merritt said...

Only just seen this, Andrew. Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing it. I like the idea of these mini-chapbooks.

Andrew Philip said...

Thanks, Matt. Looking forward to seeing it myself!

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